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  1. Visa: Hajj Visa Issuing
  2. AIR TICKETS: Return Hajj Air Ticket is included.
  3. AIRPORT TAXES: All Airport Taxes of the UK as well as of Saudi Arabia included.
  4. HAJJ DRAFT: Hajj draft which is compulsory for all the pilgrims is also included.
  5. Hotels:
  6. *if for unforeseen reasons the hotel booking is cancelled, a similar accommodation will be provided
  7. TRANSPORT: All transport requirements for the group in Saudi except transport for Tawaf e Zirayat will be provided.
  8. ZIYARAT: The Ziyarat of Makkah and Medinah are also included.
  9. QURBAN/HADI: One Qurbani / Hadi per person included.
  10. TRAINING & SUPPORT: We will train you and educate you for the do’s and dont’s of Hajj & Umrah before leaving the UK and during the journey.
  11. Meals: MEALS ARE NOT SOLD AS PART OF OUR PACKAGES. If we do provide it will be a gift.

*Date & Duration subject to confirmation by airline. **Terms & Conditions Apply.