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Welcome to the in Hajj and Umrah Package Specialists

Educational Hajj & Umrah Ltd is specialist in Hajj & Umrah services. We aim to provide best services possible to the pilgrims of Allah’s house and to his Prophet (PBUH) mosque. We are member of ATOL, IATA, Company House and Saudi Hajj Ministry.

We pride our self by providing Hajj & Umrah training before taking people on pilgrimage. Alhamdulillah, most of our customers are recommended by those who are accompanied us in the past for Hajj and Umrah. Our hotels in Makkah & Madinah are always near to Haram-e-Sharif. We do not shift people to Azizyah or to any other location which would be far from Haram.

Group Packages

“Hajj offered with all its requirements is reward with Paradise.”

(Muslim, 1349) Hajj Mubarak